• Join Us!

    We are looking for one or more partners to complete the measurement 

    network in France.
    It's simple, useful for the planet, and it won't cost you anything!

  • Making the invisible visible

    Since July 2020, Origins measuring stations have been tracking CO2 emissions in real time.
    They are an addition to the existing scientific network

    of the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences.

  • Join the network

    We are looking for one or more partners for the deployment of 20 new stations.

    In Paris or surrounding, with more than 30m in height? Your building is a good candidate!

    Have an impact

    You will collect data that will enable communities to define targeted climate policies.


    You will have the communication rights on the installed stations, and you will be associated with any communication on our part on the measurement network.

    It's free

    We cover the costs of installation, maintenance, electricity. It won't cost you anything!

    It's simple

    The stations are fast to install and take less than 1 m2 on the ground. You won't have to do anything, our teams will take care of everything.

  • Let's work together: contact us

    In the message, you can indicate the addresses of the buildings you have in mind, or a description.

    38 rue du Président Wilson,
    78230 Le Pecq
    +33 6 71 28 43 31
  • They are already part of the network

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